Welcome to SEP Associates, Inc. 

Who or what is an SEP ?
We are consultants so naturally, we provide solutions to Someone Else's Problems, especially yours. We are devoted to solving business problems with the intelligent use of technology. 
Software Development
We provide solutions for your business ranging from converting, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems to developing modern new applcations for the desktop and the Web.
We build our applications as members of your project team, or we can build and manage the team. Our ability to work with your in-house staff as well as other outside consultants makes us low maintenance because we take the time to understand your business process. So we can contribute in other ways than just software.
Business solutions can be built for deployment on the Internet or on the desktop, and we help you decide which is best for your situation. Desktop solutions are professionally packaged and deployed.
Legacy systems require special handling and uniques skills. Our consultants have experience wth such "old timers" as COBOL and FORTRAN. It can be difficult to find good developers who are will to do the "dirty work." 
Web Hosting

In a joint venture with, we have contracted with to host and manage our dedicated Windows 2003 web server with 24/7 support, providing the highest levels of performance, service, and security.

We can host and maintain your website (or part of your website) at a very reasonable cost. When we host a website, it allows us to provide a much more responsive level of service, both during software development and ongoing. Using our dedicated server gives you added flexibility over shared servers, because we can install custom programs and calculators that are often not allowed in a shared server environment. We can also work with your in house or other third party web developers to provide access.

Several of our clients' web projects are currently hosted on our servers. You can choose to use a sub-web on our MyActuary domain, or we can host your domain name. The MyActuary domain has a SSL Verisign certificate where needed for secure transactions.

What We Do:
Desktop software
Web software
Mainframe software
Web hosting

Contact us:
SEP Associates, Inc.
2615 Woodlawn Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Office: 847-498-3591
Cell: 312-615-7311